The team at Hopatul Farms is still a small one. Everyone for the most part has other obligations, but has significantly contributed to what the farm is today.

Zack Summers

ZACK SUMMERS – Founder & hop farmer of Hopatul Farms

After working in the construction industry since 2000, Zack saw the economy making many changes. Seeing the construction industry headed down a cloudy path, he decided to team up with family and friends to remodel an old cocktail bar in historic downtown El Cajon, California. In July of 2008 Main Tap Tavern became the first craft beer destination in East County San Diego. Then in early 2012, Zack decided to expand within the local beer industry by turning his property into a farm, primarily for the production of Hops. Zack now manages the development and growth of the farm.
Vanessa Clegg

Vanessa Clegg – Produce farmer of Hopatul Farms

While working at Rancho San Diego Animal Hospital, as a senior veterinary technician, Vanessa and friends would frequent Main Tap Tavern to enjoy the great craft beer. While visiting Pizza Port Carlsbad in 2012, she meet Zack while at the Brewbies festival. From there she visited the property and wanted to become involved with the farm. Today she is the grower of all our produce here at Hopatul Farms.
Eric Wise

Eric Wise – Amish Labor & hop farmer at Hopatul Farms

After moving from the Pennsylvania area in 2005 to practice in the Chiropractic & Acupuncture field, Eric and his wife Karie opened up a practice call Jamacha Chase Chiropractic in the El Cajon area. While peddling their services at a Downtown El Cajon Car Show, they ran into Zack doing the same thing for Main Tap Tavern. Since then they have been big patrons of the bar and great friends! Eric loves the Chiropractic field, but also like to get back to the basics on the weekends by helping Zack with any projects that happen out at the farm.
Todd Widegren

Todd Widegren – Weed Abatement at Hopatul Farms

Todd met Zack while patronizing Main Tap Tavern. He was relocated from Grand Junction, Colorado for the company Waterdog Products, Inc. Happy to find a craft beer location in his new city, he became one of the bar’s main patrons and Zack and Todd became good friends. Todd expressed his experience in farming because of his family’s farm growing up. He soon became a part of the team. When he is not Selling & Building aquariums at Titan Aquatic Exhibits, he is in charge of all weed abatement here on the farm.

Other Contributors to the farm’s development:

Demarco Plumbing

DeMarco Plumbing – Irrigation development at Hopatul Farms

Mike and Debbie DeMarco run a local plumbing company that has contributed many ideas and hours of labor to the design of the plumbing which made irrigation possible and reliable. I can’t forget to mention Mike’s coworker Bob Kaspar. Without these guys, Hopatul Farms would still be using one hose!
Larry Newman

Larry Newman – Excavation at Hopatul Farms

Local Japatul Valley resident Larry Newman has a yard with a lot of good junk in it! With his stored telephone poles, miscellaneous parts, his Skytrak, Bobcat & mini excavator, he was able to help make a lot of things happen that couldn’t have otherwise been done without heavy equipment. He was able to help get: a spot for the newest hop field cleared, telephone poles installed for the support of the new hop field vines, trenches dug for irrigation & electric, & water tanks located in a hard to reach high point on the property.